About Us

2 Chix and a Barn makes home decor and accents with urban farm chic style. Our pillows and table runners are handmade with natural fiber fabrics, designed to complement each other, as well as each room in your house. Our furniture pieces are repurposed and recolored with the utmost care and attention to detail. We use only reclaimed wood for our coasters, decorative boxes and chalkboards. Each one of our reclaimed wood flags and signs are original, one of a kind pieces...just like you!  

The team at 2 Chix live by the motto, “Do what you love and love what you do.” On any given day, you can find the Barn filled with the sweet sounds of paint cans being popped open, power tools whirring, and sewing machines humming. Add in some music, fun and laughter and you’ll have a typical day at the Barn.

Meet the Artist...

Meet Kim...head chick, artist, and designer behind each piece at 2 Chix and a Barn. Her resume is long and varied and includes everything from personal stylist to professional football player! After years of designing and decorating as a hobby, she’s finally brought her skill and talent to the public.

Kim has an unmatched eye for detail and a vibrant personality that show in everything she does. Her creativity abounds, particularly when it comes to staging the 2 Chix booth. Seeing it all come together is the ultimate reward for the hard work and care she brings to everything she does.


Meet the 2nd Chix...

Leslie, the 2 in 2 Chix, is Kim’s right-hand gal and all around girl Friday. If you’ve bought furniture from the Chix, there’s a good chance she’s the one who painted it. Whether in the office or the workshop, Leslie undertakes a little bit of everything. Kim and Leslie have a seamless partnership, complementing each other’s strengths and finding amusement in everything they do.

Meet Pearl

Meet Pearl, our 1963 Vintage Airstream Safari. Pearl found her way to us after being completely gutted with the intent to become a hamburger stand! We took her in and gave her a complete overhaul to make her travel and show ready. She is fully equipped with modern day luxuries and a retro design to keep her vintage integrity. She loves to attend all the vintage markets and Country Living Fairs, as well as long trips on the highway and cozy nights in the woods.

About the Barn

2 Chix and a Barn...so where is your Barn? Can I shop there? Do you have a store? Located in Connecticut, the Barn is our home base for just about everything. Serving as our warehouse, workshop, sewing room, board room, shipping hub...it all happens in the Barn. While we don’t have a physical location to shop at, many of our great products are available right here on 2chixandabarn.com. You can also find us at many vintage markets, the Country Living Fairs, and local-to-us pop-up shops.

The Team


You can find Jen in the Barn stuffing pillows or sewing runners while singing along to Paul McCartney. She excels at detail oriented tasks and takes pride in helping the Chix see a project to completion.

Heather is another Jill of all trades who can be found doing any number of jobs.  She is a chick with exceptional charm and sublime wit who loves to interact with people and work as a team. She particularly enjoys working on furniture and seeing an old piece come back to life.


The title for hardest working chick in the Barn is easily handed to Patricia. At the sewing machine, with a paint brush, hauling furniture...there isn’t anything she can’t do! Patricia always brings a smile, a can-do attitude, and a helpful hand.


Paulie has the honor of being the only man in our Barn full of chix. He’s always available for a laugh and a giggle, and luckily doesn’t mind being bossed around.


About the Name...

The name 2 Chix and a Barn came to Kim one night while looking around at her family. She noticed that she and her daughter were the only two chicks in their house full of men, and thus the name was born! Since then, more chix have hatched, including our Barn dog, Teddy.