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 Show season is officially over, and now comes the time of year when the Chix slow down a bit. Although we always say Summer and Winter are our slow seasons, those months somehow end up as busy and hectic as any other. 2016 has been pretty good to us; with a slew of successful shows, and now the re-launch of our beautiful new website, these Chix are some happy campers. 

In case we haven’t seen you, here are some highlights of what we’ve been up to…

We kicked off the first of this year’s Country Living Fairs in Nashville. Despite a very rainy start, the show was amazing! You folks down in Nashville sure are nice. We loved meeting all of you and hearing about your homes and how you will use your 2 Chix products!

After that, we had the Lucketts Spring Market in Leesburg. This show started with a beautiful Friday which turned into an incredibly rainy Saturday. You know what we learned about doing a show in the rain? Nothing will stop a serious shopper! The rain didn’t keep you away; everyone just donned their rain boots and got to shopping.

In June we had the Country Living Fair in Rhinebeck. This year we ended up with a double booth since we were selling RePurpose Paint and Stain for Cari Cucksey. She’s usually at the show herself, but a 9-month pregnant belly kept her home this year. 

Despite pictures to the contrary, we didn’t spend the whole Summer lounging by the pool. Between stocking up on product for the fall shows, and working on back end stuff for the new website, we were some pretty busy Chix.

September ushered in a new wave of shows. We headed out to Ohio for our third Country Living Fair of the year, welcomed by beautiful weather and friendly faces. One of the great things about doing the same shows each year is getting to know and catch up with fellow vendors as well as customers. You often think we won’t remember you, but we do! And we always love seeing the way you use your 2 Chix treasures.

As soon as we got back from Ohio, we had just enough time to repack Pearl and head up to The Vintage Bazaar in Massachusetts. By then we were mostly running on adrenaline, but had one of our favorite weekends of the year! Devon runs a great show, and since this is a somewhat local show that we’ve done multiple times, we’ve gotten to know a lot of the customers who come through. We also brought our favorite barn dog, Teddy, to her first show!

So now here we are...launching our beautiful new website, getting ready for the holidays, and adding some exciting new services...we can't wait to share it all with you!!


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