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Resolutions for your home...

I don’t know about you, but something about taking down my Christmas tree gives me the urge to redo my whole house. Maybe it’s the empty space it leaves behind, or the way I move some things around to make a space for it. But every January, I go through the same proces:

Take down the tree, vow to make some changes, want to change it all, get overwhelmed, do nothing.

This year, I happen to have a lot of big projects I want to tackle. My son is ready for an upgrade from little kid room to big kid room; my floors are old and tired and ready to be replaced; my living room is ready for a refresh; and I still can’t seem to nail down exactly how I want my dining room. On top of those, I’m ready to do some smaller bedroom doors, a barn door for my pantry, and what am I gonna put on that big empty wall in my bedroom?

With so many choices out there, it can be pretty overwhelming. How much new stuff vs old stuff do I want? Wood or painted? Light or dark? Size, scale, texture, lions and tigers and bears, oh my!!

Luckily for me, my work spouse happens to have one of the best eyes for design of anyone I know! This year, I really don’t have any excuses. So when I’m indecisive about my floors...weathered wood or dark??...I just ask Kim. When I’m torn between a couch and loveseat or a couch and two chairs (I wish all problems were this simple)...Kim and I talk it out.

Even though I know what I like and what I want, sometimes it’s just nice to have a guiding hand through these things.

Too many times, we have that one room, or wall, or space...that we don’t know what to do with so we end up doing nothing! Or we just use something we don’t really like with the plans to replace it with something we love. Then life happens, and ten years later you’re still walking by that ugly painting every day.

But not this year! Often times, it doesn’t take much to change the look and feel of your room. With 2 Chix and a Barn’s Design in a Day service, you can get some help and a guiding hand with any of your new year’s projects. We can work within your budget and with your style to help you fine tune your home. Let this be the year you resolve to make your home your favorite place to be!


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