It's all in the details...

It’s all in the details…

Sometimes when you’ve been living in your house for a while, you start to overlook all those spaces you swore you’d get to one day. Maybe it’s that long hallway you don’t know how to decorate. Or an entryway that isn’t functioning right for you. It could be a small space that needs more style, or a large space that needs to be filled out. 

Over and over while doing a show, customers will say, “I love this but I just don’t know how to make it work in my space.” Or the most common one, “I wish you could just come to my house and make it look like this!” Well, now we can! Beginning this month, we’re launching our new Design in a Day service.

Here at 2 Chix, Kim and I always say how lucky we are to get along so well and work together so seamlessly. We’re able to boost each other’s strengths and fill in the gaps of each other’s flaws. Not a day goes by that we don’t acknowledge our gratitude for having found such a harmonious partnership. And while we each do a little bit of everything, the one thing that is all Kim’s, is the design and vision behind everything 2 Chix.

Kim truly has a gift when it comes to decorating. Whether it’s in her own house, or putting together a booth for a show, or working on a client’s house, I never cease to be amazed at the way she brings it all together.

Since I’m more of a linear, big picture thinker, I can usually follow along to see where she may be headed with a space. But in the end, the finished product is always more amazing than I’ve ever imagined. With Kim being more of an abstract yet detail oriented thinker, she really makes the magic come alive in the details. There’s something about the way she finishes a space that always makes it just right.

With our new Design in a Day service, we want to use Kim’s talent to help you work out the details. Your home is such a personal space and should be a true reflection of its owners. All too often, we meet people living in a space they aren’t in love with. Or in a home that doesn’t work for their living needs. Your home can and should be both livable and beautiful...it should be your favorite place to be!!







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