The first to go...

When life gets busy, all too often, things slip away. Worst of all, it’s often the things we need the most that are the first to go.

Maybe you’re running the kids here and there so you neglect to exercise. But that physical release keeps you mentally alert.

Maybe your work schedule is super busy so you neglect to write your blog. But that outlet is how you process all the busy.

Maybe your holiday schedule is packed so you neglect your own home. But your home is your safe haven of relaxation.

All of these simple yet invaluable ways that we care for ourselves, seem to be the first to go when things get busy. We’re stuck in the days of the glorification of busy.

But we should never be too busy to care for ourselves.

Slow down for just a few minutes. Take a short walk. Sit and enjoy your coffee. Admire your beautiful home. Love where you are. Don’t let the simple things slip away.

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