Do what you love...

Do what you Love and Love what you do…

It’s been said, that if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life…

Here at the Barn, we are doing just that.

We’re in the eye of the storm these days in terms of things going on…

We just finished with a pop-up shop in NY…now we have to unpack, repack, and get ready for one of our biggest shows, The Country Living Fair in Columbus, Ohio.

Then we come home and get ready for three more shows in October…which include traveling up to NH and down to GA, sandwiched between a pop-up shop here in CT.

At the same time, we have to maintain surplus for our online store, plus our wholesale orders. All the while taking care of our kids and families…football and softball and soccer and laundry and dinners and lunches and homework…

There is so much to do….SO MUCH!

And yet is doesn’t feel like work.

Some days, there is so much to process inside our heads, and so much to do physically, that it can become overwhelming. Moments like these, we take a beat, and remember that we are living our passion.

To actualize all of this breeds an energy…an electric synergy that is palpable.

To be together working is anything and everything except work. It is blood sweat and tears of joy. It’s strenuous mentally and demanding physically. But when you are doing what you love, with people who bring out the best in you, to say that it’s worth it is just an understatement.

We realize how lucky we are to have found a way to make our passion our job. Not everyone can. But if you can find a way to work your passion into your life…you will have an outlet to turn to when the stress of the day overwhelms.

And is it any coincidence that the 2 Chix drink of choice is passion tea?

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