Labor of Love

In the early days of 2 Chix and a Barn, as our friends and family were learning about this new adventure, I often felt that they didn’t take us seriously. That what we were doing wasn’t really work.

But you guys have so much fun.

But you are doing what you love.

But you’re working with your best friend.

That somehow, working with people you adore and doing something you love, while having an exorbitant amount of fun, can’t possibly be real work. 

That because our work is a labor of love, that the labor doesn’t count.

But it is work. And it does count.

I once got choked up when a book shelf sold. Each time I paint a piece of furniture, I think about where it was, how it came to us, and where it’s going. Maybe that’s a lot to attach to an inanimate object, but I spend a lot of time with these pieces. I put my labor into them; I do it with love. And just this once, a sweet little turquoise book shelf…that I thought would be perfect in a little girl’s room…was sold to a sweet little girl to use in her room. And it made me teary.

Each thing we make here at the Barn is a labor of love. We love to work. We love to inspire. We love that a little piece of us finds its way into your home.

So we make sure to do what we do with love.

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