Back to it…

Oh, Back to School Days. My love/hate relationship with you is only rivaled by my love/hate relationship with the dog days of summer. Back to school means back to schedules, back to afterschool activities, back to packing lunches…

Back to so many responsibilities! And here we are again, time for all the baby chix to leave the Barn and head to school. It’s one of so many times during the year that we as moms find ourselves lost in the shuffle. We’re hyper focused on our kids…new shoes, all those school supplies, so many lunches!

That last week before school starts is always a whirlwind…still holding on to summer, yet aching for the routine of the school year.

Shifting between the last lazy days and the first busy days.

Then suddenly…

Ahhh, is that the sound of an empty house I hear?

Yup, it sure is.

And it sounds great.

After a fun-filled summer of kids and family, there’s finally some alone time. It’s amazing how hectic summer can be, disguised with its lack of schedule and long, lazy days. But then the air changes and the feel of Fall ushers in the comfort of routine. This time of year is a sort of sweet spot on the calendar…just full enough to stave off boredom, not so full as to be overwhelming.

It’s also the perfect time to put a little extra focus on your home…before the craziness of the holiday season comes creeping in!

Here’s to a happy and healthy school year for all the little chix out there…

And here’s to all the mamas who provide a happy and healthy home for those chix to come back to!

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