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Cookin’ in the Barn

Recipe for a Great Team

Here at the Barn, we love to cook. Whether literally or figuratively, we’ve always got something on the burners. Collectively, we have hundreds of recipes for all sorts of amazing creations.

But this one here, this is our tried and true recipe for building a Strong Team.

We’ve been following this recipe for quite some time now, and so far, so good.

First, you will need to pick a bunch of amazing individuals; this particular recipe calls for 6.

Then you will add:

  • Equal parts hard work and determination
  • A ton of passion
  • A handful of great ideas
  • A desire to always improve
  • A hearty dose of wisdom and knowledge
  • A cup full of gratitude
  • A healthy amount work ethic and flexibility
  • A pinch of sarcasm


Stir up dynamics often. Slice the roles and responsibilities based on each person’s strengths.

Fold in creativity. Give the team plenty of time to rise and grow to its potential.

*Add humor if the team becomes too dry.

Repeat these steps as needed, and hopefully your team will turn out as great as ours has.


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